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What Our Volunteers Say.

"This opportunity significantly enhanced my life. I believe that volunteering both locally and abroad has a profound impact on you and the people you serve. Those remarkable children (of Huruma Orphanage) and their positive spirit will continue to inspire me for a lifetime " - Caroline Baker, Montreal , Canada

"I met wonderful people, worked together, shared dreams and aspirations with fellow foreigners and villagers which literally changed my view of the world". - Martin Henninger

"It was a great experience working with needy and beautiful children of Huruma Children's Home. I appreciate the contribution and I'm going to promote these efforts". - Marta Favara

"I experienced a totally different way of life. I gained a broader understanding of the world and it was an educational experience". - Kerstin Hedderich

"The world needs your humanity, and the children need our attention.they are the future". - Fabrizio Bogo

"Your voluntary workcamps are good but quite few, THIVS, I suggests, should try to expand its programme to reach more needy people in the future". - Petra Schieweck

"We are enjoying the project (Mothers of St. Rita Orphan's Programme) it is very interesting and children are great". - Stefania Riva & Chiara Frassoni

"Very interesting and beautiful with the children! But I think the community that manages the camp is not good; there are major problems in areas of health care and hygiene administration".- Nica Massagrande

"I enjoyed the volunteering with the local community at Njoro for one month and my Safari to Maasai Mara (and the animals) was truly wonderful and I hope to come back some days.". - Heinz Muetefering.

"I really had a good time with kids (at Huruma) and also learning Swahili from them. The medical care was quite interesting to help with". - Vivian Lu

"The host family is fantastic but I 'fear' Matatu (Public Service Mini-buses)" - Alberto Manicone

"This is my first workcamp and I'm very happy to do it, it's a positive experience! I'm impressed by children's thoughtfulness despite the great difficulties in their way of living. I hope this is the beginning of a collaboration and friendship with Mahiga Children Home". - Roberta Ghisiglieri

"It is a wonderful experience with long-lasting memory for us.though the heat at the relief camp was at times too much". - Olaf Färber and Steffen Kudascheff

"I love volunteering, I will tell my friends in (the) USA to come and touch the lives of Kenya and Africa people". - Jenny Howard

"My experience at the workcamp has been great and intense. It enriched myself as person, in the human values. The host family was very kind, always available, sensitive and offered us hospitality. The workcamp people were also reliable". - Laura Boati

"I had an amazing time, even though only two weeks.the Children workcamp was involving, busy and I thoroughly enjoyed myself". - Catherine Novi

"Really a nice experience, the children at (Huruma Children's Home) were fantastic.Kenya is amazing"! - Carlo Desotgiu

"It was a humbling experience working with local people and struggling to promote their development efforts in my small ways". - Veronica Espinosa

"It was tough constructing the dispensary, I'm sure the community will enjoy the medical and health services once it's operational". - Hans Metzger

"I really enjoyed the camp I worked in Kenya. People are always really friendly and you get to know them and their tradition deeply. A workcamp in Kenya is a mixture of happiness, work, cultural exchange, learning new faiths, changing lifestyle. And much much more." - Sara Colombo

"Fantastic experience! But please spread out the volunteers to others workcamps, 20 of them in one place is too much". - Katherine Bones

"I made new Kenyan friends, learnt new customs and helped the Nakuru community construct a big water tank and chicken cage". - Bettina Schroer

"I'm really happy for this experience-Hakuna Matata!"(No Trouble) - Stefano Airudi

"My experience at the remote Kuria women workcamp was unforgettable and emotional. Staying in a hut, without power, communication and surviving on little water for three weeks helped discover my inner peace and self". - Liza Franzo

"I'm happy to return to Kenya, I hope to be useful to someone".- Enrico Toticchi

"This THIVS school construction camp at Nandi Hills brought the Italians, Germans and myself together. It was a unique bonding experience, though short and difficult.but worth the while". - Rachel Gardner

"I'm excited for this new adventuring experience". - Stefania Riva

"The 21 days were filled with hardwork, strength, exploration and bonding, a great experience of embracing new challenges and sampling new culture and wildlife in a foreign land". - Jürgen Wulff

"My workcamp experience taught me to slow down and listen to the strongest voice inside of myself". - Karen Shaw

"My experience at the workcamp was very good and positive. The relationship with the children (at Mahiga) gave me a lot of hope. I was impressed by their thoughtfulness and beautiful smiles despite the difficulties in their way of living". - Roberta Chiappini

"I think there is no better way to travel than through workcamps programme. Kenya is now my seventh country and it won't be the last for me". - Steffi Moore

"I wandered into the workcamp without much thoughts; but the weeks spent working with cancer patients at Nairobi center taught me never to take life or health for granted." - Valerie Macleod

"Great experience! The children are fantastic and also the building of the school is a good experience. The family who hosted us was very kind (I felt like home), But I know that Huruma Orphanage is not an institution but a big family, but thinking in advance some activities for the volunteers would be better". - Marzani Simone

"I found your organization on the web.I'm from Canada and shall be visiting Kenya for a summer holiday with my family and wish to join your volunteer programme for a week and preferably at the Coast region,".- Collin Bedford

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