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THIVS Programmes

A. THIVS runs five main international programmes that are today uniting the world communities.

1. International Workcamps
This is a special and unique form of voluntary service, which brings together people from different countries and background to live and work on short-term projects that will be of benefit to a local community. A work-camp is an open-ended experience, and it depends mainly on the input of its participants, who normally work towards a common target. The camps consist of young people from the age of 16 to 35 years (though adults also apply to participate too) all with diverse backgrounds and interests. In organizing international camps, we see a possibility for the adventure-seeking people to share efforts, exchange ideas, experiences and create friendship. THIVS offers three weeks never-ending international camps exchange placements in different areas and fields of interest every month of the year. The nature of work-camps includes; construction, rehabilitation of social facility, children care, environment, museum, emergences/disaster relief, farming, caring for troubled girls, medical care, youth awareness, street boys rehabilitation, and income-generating schemes. Camps last for 14 or 21 days, with some starting from first week of the month. Check Camps Openings.

2. International Voluntary Projects
THIVS also organizes international voluntary projects which cover 1-6 months [mid-term] and 1-12 months [long term] for professionals or dedicated volunteers wishing to have a longer experience abroad. The projects are designed to allow for continued working process, giving a participant an opportunity for practical learning experience. This programme gives participants a good chance to fully integrate into the local community, and therefore enjoy an enriching cultural diversity. During that period, the volunteer also get deep insights into social, economic, cultural and political situation of project's host country. The nature of mid and long-term volunteer projects includes; children care, environment conservation, human rights, wildlife, teaching, museum, emergences and disaster relief, medical care, dental service, income projects women development, troubled girls care, rehabilitation of street boys, youth awareness and disability support. Projects are available any time. Check Placements.

3. Mini Safari and Cultural Tour
Kenya is a jewel of vast wildlife, beaches, souring mountain peaks and diverse culture. Take a short safari before or after your volunteering session to discover, explore and experience Kenya. The adventure gives one a perfect chance to relax, discover wildlife and sample local culture. One of the best expeditions is a camping safari to Maasai Mara Game Reserve, although Kenya has other attractions like beaches, mountains and wildlife parks. The magic spirit of the Africa expedition is to find yourself relaxing by campfire, watching the sunset turn the sky to gold as distant roar of a lion brings the day to a perfect end. Browse dream safari.

4. Internships
The internship programme is a work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands-on-work experience in a certain occupational field. It's is a great way for students, college grads, and career changers to explore new career opportunities. The experience enables one to learn more about a given profession. A participant generally work under the tutelage of someone who is knowledgeable in the field, and is qualified to give us guidance. The customized program gives one the opportunity to take part in sustainable development institution that matches your skills to the community's self-determined projects and goals. Internships are available in health care, teaching, human rights and museum. Check internships.

5. Orphans Sponsorship
The idea is to alleviate suffering and give hope to needy orphaned children now living in care homes (their only home and hope). This is done though mobilizing materials and money donations for the children through our supportive global networks. We fear that if these children are not well cared for, they could easily escape back to the urban streets where they scavenge for food, sleep in cold pavements, catch diseases, harassed by security agents, suffer loneliness, abuse drugs and stare into the future with no hope in life. The Orphanages we are supporting relies on well-wishers to operate. And with no reliable donor todate, this international appeal is expected to give the homes a new lease of life. Your kind support will indeed therefore brighten a child's future. I wish to give them a little gift.