T.H.I.V.S Turn Passion Into Actions

About us
Touch-Humanity International Voluntary Services (THIVS) is a volunteer-based, non-profit charitable organization founded in 2001 to promote volunteering as a force for change; both for those who volunteer and for the wider community. In 2003, THIVS developed an international voluntary sector programme's policy and procedures framework to guide and help execute its core mission. T.H.I.V.S have established international partnerships with voluntary organizations, and collaborates with different community development projects and institutions mostly in Kenya, Uganda and Sudan.

The T.H.I.V.S idea of international volunteer service is based on concept of learning while serving in a community project abroad. We offer an opportunity to people to work as volunteers to acquire some international practical experience and qualifications; which help them in their future lives and when choosing a career. The participants also get a chance to sharing skills to stimulate development, inter-cultural ideas create new friendships or enjoy a holiday break. This is done through vacation volunteer work-camps and projects programmes. The projects and camps are located in rural and semi-urban areas where the level of awareness is low, resources limited and abject poverty widespread. Through these voluntary programmes, we see a possibility of making a real impact and difference in people's lives.

T.H.I.V.S Objectives
To offer opportunity to school, college and degree students to spend a summer,      semester, or gap year in a project in another culture.
To offer a life-time chance for people to become agents for positive change.
To provide people with career breaks or holidays vacations opportunities abroad.
To mobilize resources for any project that is of great beneficial to the community.
To work with voluntary, travel and orphans sponsorship organizations worldwide.
To promote cultural integration, building of friendship and international understanding.
To develop and participate in programmes that strengthens global volunteer's movement.

Personal Growth
The participant is exposed to new and authentic experiences, gains skills and knowledge in development work, challenging situations, leadership and cross-cultural communication - thus gaining a broaden perspective of themselves and the world in which we all live.

Experience The Challenge!
So, if you are prepared to travel abroad, explore, help, volunteer, gain an experience of a life-time and in a little way help foster real change in people lives with humility and compassion, this is a good chance for you.